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Business Assessments and Performance Surveys

If you're struggling with cash flow, employee headaches or inefficient systems or processes you are not alone.  Many owners face the same challenges and often don't know where to start to get things sorted out. 


Our role is to provide a roadmap and a starting point for making needed course corrections. By assessing your daily habits and processes we can see which spaces need encouragement, accountability, or empowerment.   From here we can enable you and your employees to focus on the right things in the right way and teach you how to implement Ongoing Performance Improvements (OPI)  to optimize your strengths, resources, and capabilities.


Invest time and space for critical self-reflection and to work on your business vs being consumed in it. From here you can dramatically speed up the business development process.  If you're not getting the results you want in your business, assessment is the first step to improvement. A simple, cost-effective scan of your business can provide a road map to reveal where you are currently and how to get where you want to be. 


Right Focus

Business productivity and work-life balance

Support and coaching

While most small business owners are usually good at one dimension, (mostly the technical and/or sales side of running their business), many are not as effective when it comes to managing personnel, financial accounting, and business organization.

Cash flow problems often force owners to go it alone and wear too many hats. This puts an enormous burden on the already challenging daily demands of running a business and as a result, many lose focus due to a lack of management training and access to the right systems, infrastructure, and people strategy.


But new possibilities appear when you "brainstorm" with a team of experienced advisors who specialize in strategic perspective, management support, technology, and can provide resources and tools to help you align your business with your most important goals. They have been owners like you and found a profitable way through the challenges.  A simple question can make the difference between success and failure. "Where are my blind spots, and the spaces where I don't know ... what I don't know?"

You must acknowledge your limitations before you can fix your problems.  

Worklife balance

It's not 1953 anymore. The days of believing 60-70 hour weeks make you more effective are gone.  If you were raised with the messaging that one must "do whatever it takes"  to stay successful, chances are you're working in a prolonged state of stress and shutting down your ability to think strategically or effectively.  Owners functioning in ongoing states of worry and work-related headaches are most often functioning in survival mode leaving few options other than getting by and almost none for enjoyment or a healthy family life. 


Science shows the effects stress has on our body and mind, yet many owners convince themselves because they're "not out of business", they are figuring things out. But my client Joe would disagree, who at 54 suffered a heart attack due to letting himself be over-stressed, underpaid and not eating healthy foods on the run. If you're struggling to find a healthy worklife balance, chances are you could benefit from some support. 

A simple process. 

Initial Phone Screen

20-30 Minutes

Discovery & Assessment

1-1.5 Hours

Proposal & Recommendations

1 Hour

Client Onboarding

1-30 Days

Strategic Partnership

12- Months

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