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A brief rundown of what we do and the problem we solve

Here's just a brief rundown of what we do: Talentscope helps small to mid-sized business (SMB) owners, especially those in the specialty contract trades solve their hiring gap and "pain" in four critical areas so ultimately you can continue to profitably grow your company:

  • People -Implement a system of talent acquisition that helps you find and keep more of the right people for the rights job.

  • Process-Design and implement an ongoing performance improvement culture that improves productivity, bottom line profits and profitability

  • Pipeline- Find and keep more of the ideal customers who are aligned with your core products and services

  • Personal-Develop the right executive-leadership-management tools to better focus on what matters

The Department of Labor estimates that the cost of bad hire typically costs the company a minimum of 10-20K dollars annually or 30% of their annual wages. Since your company can only perform at the level of people it has, we help you source and hire the right person for the right job and build a winning team around so you can achieve your most important goals.

Industries we serve include: Manufacturing, Construction, Specialty Contract, Transportation, Business Services.

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