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Hire right. Peform better.

Our 9 point framework helps ensure the right people are in the right position. We scan for the right temperament & skills to fit for your culture, goals and budget.  Our goal is to become your reasonably priced go-to firm for talent acquisition.

Perform better with an outsourced HR Hiring Partner.  Hire, fire outsource? 

Q: When is it time to bring in a full-time HR person, based on company needs and budget?  


A: There is a lot of complexity in the hiring and firing process beyond a check list of tasks.  And you need someone who has the experience of properly vetting candidates. Having said that, most companies won't bring on a full time HR professional until they reach a minimum of 70 employees or more.

Hire right with a talent acquisition partner.

We're generally 30-40% below the cost of traditional placement agencies. Not because we skimp on quality or seek cheap candidates.  But because we know what we're doing, where to look and what to look for.  We've seen prohibitive costs associated with traditional agencies prevent companies from getting the right people, and when they attempt to do it themselves they often experience ongoing turn over and wasted time trying to refill the same positions.

Because we partner as the primary talent acquisition partner for many companies, we can reduce our costs as well as offer bundled services because of this long term relationship. This lowers your cost, increases your productivity and can lead to greater profitability. 

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