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What can outsourced hiring and HR
do for your company?

Can existing staff help you find the best hires?

We've often found that owners and their existing staff are juggling too many responsibilities and may not be able to put in the required time and effort to stay on top of the time-consuming and tedious job of sourcing, and screening candidates. As a result, they may end up with a sub-optimal group of candidates to choose from. By working with Talentscope our clients improve the probability of success of making the "right fit" hire by having a better pool of candidates to choose from.


If you're using job platforms like Indeed and Zip Recruiter, it requires monitoring and testing to ensure keywords in job titles and position descriptions are optimized and aligned with keywords qualified candidates are searching for. 


Keep in mind, you and your staff are competing with seasoned recruiters using the same platforms often hired by other businesses like yours.  The process requires diligent and quick responses and an ability to effectively communicate and sell your value proposition to good candidates.  Quite often businesses underestimate the time and skill required to source and keep a good hire.

We've found good talent gets hired fast...

New Hires

As the demand for good talent intensifies, small to medium-sized companies face challenges in attracting and keeping the right employees.  Ultimately a good hire is one that is qualified, fits your culture, and will stick around for the long term. The best employees will land with companies that go to the most trouble to find them.  Our clients depend on us to optimize their next hire based on current overall organizational needs versus just hiring to fill a position.


Unlike staff members juggling other duties, we can bring the required focus and take the burden off of your shoulders when it comes to performing the heavy lifting on the front end of the talent sourcing and acquisition process.  

The Talentscope difference improves the probability of finding and keeping the best pool of candidates so you can make the right hiring decisions for your business.

Some of the industries we serve: Manufacturing, Construction, Specialty Contract Trades, Business Services, Professional and Technical Services,  Transportation & Logistics, Wholesale & Distribution, and Hospitality.

What can outsourced HR
do for your company?

Outsourcing HR has become increasingly popular for small to medium-sized businesses.  HR tasks such as payroll processing, benefits administration, and recruitment can be time-consuming and complex, taking up valuable resources, and distracting businesses from their core operations.


Outsourcing HR brings a range of advantages which include increased efficiency, cost savings, and access to specialized expertise.  This can lead to overall improved productivity and business performance allowing them to focus on sales and customer service.  


Cost savings. HR requires dedicated staff, specialized software, and ongoing training and development which can be costly. By outsourcing, businesses can reduce costs and tap into the expertise and resources of HR service providers, which is attractive to small to medium-sized businesses that may not have the resources to invest in HR infrastructure. 

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