Focus on what matters
Make strengths productive

As a leading Southern California based business consulting and coaching firm, we are seeking to partner with business owners looking to become the best in what they do.


By providing cost effective solutions to your most pressing problems, we can build an ongoing trusted advisor relationship resulting in sustainable and lasting improvements to your business performance.

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new

- Socrates

LEARN: Our onsite analysis can give you a "real time" assessment of what is and isn't working in your business.


If you don't know what you don't know, how can you be an effective buisness owner? Many times businesses get stuck in processess and procedures which are no longer working.

We call those blind spots and every business has them. Our goal is to help you identify those blind spots so they are no longer hindering you and more importantly help you learn more empowering ways of thinking and doing.  



CHANGE: Once you have surveyed your business and pinpointed problem areas, change is often required since "if you keep doing the same things, you'll keep getting the same results" . Sometimes those changes start with you.

Changing systems and procedures is a first step, however sustainable change requires a change in the mindset of the owner while developing a strong vision and culture. 


GROW: By implementing these changes you can expand your capacity for personal and professional growth while creating a business vehicle that helps you produce the lifestyle and freedom that you've always wanted.




Vision and Mission


Our Vision


To become the industry leader among professional services firms serving the needs of small to midsized companies; the "Apple" of small business consulting and coaching; redefining standards of excellence in client service, collaboration and results.



Our Mission


To help business owners achieve more of their potential resulting in significant and sustainable improvements in their productivity, profitability and peace of mind!



Our Purpose


"To mindfully contribute to a happier world."







Our Values


  1. ​Learn 
    Cultivate a culture of learning and constructive curiosity by helping you focus on what matters and thrive both professionally and personally. 

  2. Grow  
    Attract and develop the very best in talent, resources and capabilities. Make strengths productive for the good of all. 

  3. Change...the end result of all true learning.  
    Promote continuous improvement, innovation and sustainable change resulting in empowering new habits, behaviors and attitudes.

  4. Share 
    Create incentives and compensation based on sustainable performance and profitable growth. Think and act like owners.

  5. Be Passionate
    Create a culture of inspired, driven and service minded individuals.

  6. Platinum Rule
    Putting our client’s needs first and “Treating others better than we want to be treated."


What we strive for


  • ​To be trusted advisors who inspire hope and confidence while creating results that matter.

  • To inspire and push you to reach for a higher vision of success for yourself. 


  • To encourage and support you during challenging situations.

  • To empower you through effective coaching and mentoring to allow you to become an invaluable asset to the company and your clients.

  • To create a work environment where you can strive to be the best you can be and make the most of your strengths while minding your bliss in the service of the greater good.

Advisory Team

Leaders become great not because of their power,

but their ability to empower others.  - John Maxwell

Hire Right.


There is a formula for hiring the right people to propel your business forward and source the right candidates.  


The 9 point formula:  There is a simple yet accurate formula you can apply to determine the right hiring and firing decisions. Often times we act too slowly or quickly in both directions and add layers of challenge to an already tenuous situation.  This  right approach attracts and engages the right candidates to fit your culture, work ethic, philosophy and budget.

Specializing in talent acquisition, talent development and employee retention.