Work with us

Initial Consultation | 1-2 hour free assessment

An in-person meeting to understand your needs and explore viability for implementation and a sustainable working relationship.



2-Part Assessment Survey | 1-2 hours | (Cost will be tailored to your needs)

DIAGNOSTIC:  Pre-Engagement Assessment – Our version of a "Business MRI”. This includes interviews with key employees to determine the root causes of troubled areas and identify key strengths that can be leveraged. 


ROADMAP MEETING:  An overview of our diagnosis and comprehensive treatment plan which includes steps required for implementation.



Engagement  | 12 Months | (Cost will be tailored to your needs)

An Ongoing Performance Improvement (OPI) process between our team and your company to help you implement recommendations and offer continued coaching and support.  


Evaluation and Renewal | Bi-annually

A before and after snapshot of your business helps reveal potential areas still needing improvement. Assess the overall progress of the engagement while identifying any new areas of need and opportunity.