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Take as much or as little as you need.

Business Assessments and Performance Surveys

Healthier habits make for a happier and more effective workforce.  Executive coaching offers a social and emotional support system for business professionals. This process of encouragement, accountability, and empowerment enables you and your employees to focus on the right things in the right way.  By creating time and space for critical self-reflection and working on the business vs being consumed in the business, you can dramatically speed up the business development process.  


We are committed to helping you make ongoing course corrections over time since success in any endeavor is a process, not an event.  Once you learn to engage in the process of OPI (Ongoing Performance Improvements) you can optimize your strengths, resources, and capabilities to achieve your most important goals for the good of all.

If you're not getting the results you want in your business, assessment is the first step to improvement. Our simple, cost effective scan of your business can provide you a road map to help you finally get to where you want to be. 


Right Focus

Business productivity and work-life balance

Business Consulting


Instead of the usual go it alone approach that puts all of the burden on the owner, our team of trusted advisors can offer you the strategic perspective, management support, and technology resources to help you achieve your most important goals while still doing it in a cost-effective way. 


Consulting primarily refers to the implementation of strategy, management systems, tools, processes, financial controls and infrastructure needed to grow and scale the business beyond simply owning a job.  


While most small business owners are usually good at one dimension, mostly the technical and/or sales side of running their business, many are not as effective when it comes to managing:


  • Personnel

  • Financial Accounting

  • Business Organization


As a result, many owners suffer and do not realize their potential due to lack of management training and understanding of how the right systems, infrastructure and people strategy can make the difference between success and failure.

Business Financing


Cash is the oxygen of any business and a primary ongoing (daily) concern for most business owners.

The financing landscape with all of its various loan and funding products make it complex and difficult to navigate for most business owners.  That's why our clients depend on our expertise to find the best funding and working capital sources for their needs whether it comes from traditional banks, commercial lenders or other alternative financing arrangements.

Grow your business while getting your life back.


We have found by acknowledging your limits you are taking the first "real" step to fixing your problems.  There comes a time for every business owner when you reach the limits of what you can do by yourself, no matter how smart and hardworking you are.  By tapping into our experience and proprietary business tools we will help you develop and implement a roadmap for success while providing ongoing support every step of the way.


If you're working in a prolonged state of stress, you are shutting down your ability to think clearly and keeping yourself in survival mode leaving few options other than getting by.  Our clients have found that working with us helps them get out of the "rut", habituated ways of thinking and acting that hinder their success both professionally and personally.

YOU WANT . . .

Happy Customers who come back and refer business


Less struggle to get every dollar, 


More time and money to enjoy family and personal interests


Productive employees and 


Peace of mind knowing you have greater clarity and control over your future


BUT . . .

You wear too many hats and are stretched too thin often times with no backup


You struggle to manage difficult employees


Your accounting systems are not accurate and don't reflect the KPI's of your business


Your marketing efforts are falling behind


Your cash flow issues keeps you up at night


  • Understand what’s really holding you back, getting a fresh perspective


  • Get Control of your finances and cash flow


  • Unlock Strengths and hidden productivity in your managers and employees


  • Find the right people who are qualified and trustworthy


  • Develop a Road Map for long-term success

4 Step Process


An in-person meeting to understand your needs and explore viability for implementation and a sustainable working relationship.

Terms: 1-2 hr free assessment



PART 1 - DIAGNOSTIC:  Pre-Engagement Assessment – Our version of a "Business MRI”. This includes interviews with key employees to determine root causes of trouble areas and identify key strengths which can be leveraged.


PART 2 - ROADMAP MEETING:  An overview of our diagnosis and comprehensive treatment plan which includes steps required for implementation.

Terms: 3 days | Cost as agreed upon



An Ongoing Performance Improvement process between our team and your company to help you implement recommendations and offer continued coaching and support. 

Terms: 1-2 Years | Cost as agreed upon hourly per month



A before and after snapshot of your business which helps reveal potential areas still needing improvement. Assess the overall progress of the engagement while identifying any new areas of need and opportunity. 

Terms: Cost as agreed upon annually

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