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Aligning Your Business with
Your Purpose:
Implementing the 7 P Business Alignment Model

We are in the Business of Creating Meaningful Results for our Clients!

Unlock your business potential and get more value out of your business by better focusing on what matters, attracting and retaining the right fit employees and customers to ensure sustainable growth and success.  

Implementing our 7 P Business Alignment Model will:

  1. Help you and your organization better prioritize and focus on what matters.

  2. Attract and retain more “right fit” employees and build a winning team.

  3. Connect and keep more of the “right fit” customers to profitably grow.

Our experienced team of BAC's Business Alignment Coaches will work with you to customize a plan specific to your resources, needs, and goals. 

Steven Kim

Founder of Talentscope, an outsourced HR
hiring solution and organizational coaching firm.

Steve Kim has over 10 years of people and organizational development expertise primarily serving the SMB (small to medium size business market) with a focus on talent acquisition, process improvement, and strategic planning.

Alfredo Romero

Alfredo Romero is a subject matter expert in marketing, sales, and product management. He has worked in sales and marketing for over 20 years and has successfully implemented market effectiveness programs using a holistic approach to align products and services with the true needs of the market. His experience has ranged from cultivating well known global brands to helping small and medium sized businesses grow sales and improve profitability. His work around the globe has resulted in success across the Market Effectiveness process path: From customer knowledge and segmentation to product development and launch to lead generation and sales training. His achievements include transitioning an international business group to a renovation-focused sales strategy during the global downturn in 2008 and helping fulfill holiday orders for a custom automotive accessories manufacturer resulting in doubledigit sales increases and reducing post-holiday product returns by 75%. Alfredo holds a degree in Economics from Pomona College and an MBA from The UCLA Anderson School.

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