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Our Solutions.

We focus on a few things and do them well.

Same problems, different approach.

The inability to focus on growing your business often results from poor systems and ineffective employees requiring ongoing attention and problem-solving.  Without the proper intervention and assessment, it is easy to get lost in the day to day demands of your business. 

Right focus. Perform better.

Specializing in business productivity and work-life balance

Check-in to see if you are struggling with these top 3 business challenges: 

  • Cash flow.

  • Underperforming Employees.

  • Lack of clearly defined systems and procedures.

We invite you to answer a few questions about your business. If you find yourself answering no, there might be an opportunity to explore some new approaches.


- Do you measure your marketing effectiveness monthly?

- Do you spend less than 1 hour a day problem-solving?

- Do you have an accountability program for underperforming employees?

- Do you conduct a productivity assessment at least once a year?

The Department of Labor cites the cost incurred of a bad hire can be upwards of 30% of an employee's salary or 10K for admin positions.

We use a 9 point formula to attract talent that can fit your culture and propel your business forward.


Oftentimes business owners act too slowly or quickly when hiring or firing employees. We find the key to attracting and retaining good employees is focusing on their ability to fit into your culture, work ethic, philosophy, and budget.  ​

Hire right. Perform better.

Specializing in talent acquisition, development, and employee retention.

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