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About Talentscope 

How we help companies

​We are an innovative outsourced Hiring and HR solution for small to mid-sized companies wanting to go the extra mile to hire and retain great people who fit their culture and values and believe a successful company is only as good as its people.
We believe the Talentscope Difference is peace of mind knowing you have a better chance of succeeding if you can attract and retain employees that are the "right fit" for your company, and experience significant and sustainable improvements in productivity, profitability, and overall workplace culture with each new hire. 

Getting out of the Maze

Does this sound familiar?


You want happy customers, less struggle, and more time and money with greater peace of mind, but you're spread too thin, wearing too many hats and trying to manage employees and keep up with the day-to-day demands of the business.  Oftentimes your day is simply putting out fires. 

The Right Focus results in greater productivity and work-life balance

There comes a time for every business owner when they reach the limits of what they can do by themselves, no matter how smart and hardworking they are.  If you're working in a prolonged state of stress, you are shutting down your ability to think clearly and keeping yourself in survival mode leaving few options other than getting by.

Talentscope is in the business of creating meaningful results for our clients in ways that improve performance and peace of mind.  

Why go it alone when you could have a team behind you?  We believe real success is a team sport, and our team brings, in a cost effective way,  expertise that can help you attract and retain employees that are the "right-fit" for your company and customers who are aligned with your core competencies.

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We're in the business of creating meaningful results for our clients.


WHAT does improving the quality of life look like  for you and your employees?

WHAT is the most important impact of retaining the right poeople?

WHAT is the best use of your strengths and that of your employees?

ARE YOU focusing on the right things to help you perform better?


Our Team

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STEVE KIM, PRINCIPAL  |  Growing up I worked with my parents and watched them struggle and succeed in a variety of businesses ranging from hair goods, a mini-market, a construction company, a residential plumbing, a machine shop, and an oil-lube auto repair shop. I saw first hand the negative impact of having the wrong employees and business owners performing tasks they should be delegating or outsourcing.  

Stress affects everything: your customers, other employees, your cash flow, your peace of mind, and your work-life balance. As an adult, I found myself struggling with the same issues in my own business.  Through years of trial and error, I was able to develop a simple and proven process that kept me focused on the right things and ultimately allowed me to perform better.   


I am dedicated and passionate about helping businesses especially small to mid-size businesses achieve more of their potential. I now specialize in helping owners with organizational development, and talent acquisition and putting them on a path to an enjoyable, sustainable,  profitable, and healthy work environment.


Background: Organizational development consultant, outsourced HR, and talent acquisition. Executive MBA and MA in Advanced Management and over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience.

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Alfredo Romero

Senior Marketing Consultant


Ryan Adam

Executive Recruiter

Brigette Rivera.jpg

Bridgett Rivera

Human Resources Specialist

Millar Commission Headshot.jpg

Michael Miller

Executive Development Coach

Our Mission

To improve the lives of owners and their employees by attracting and keeping more of the right employees and ideal customers who are aligned with their core products and services. while profitably growing their company.

Our Vision
To lead the industry in helping small to mid-sized businesses find the right hires and focus on what matters most so they can perform better.  To be a trusted advisor for companies taking the next step to create bigger impacts on their company's success.  To help businesses make the most of their talents and strengths and create infrastructures that allow them to reach more of their potential.


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Business Impact Stories

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.  If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.”   

—Warren Buffett

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